Why Medical Manikins Will Never Be Replaced

skeleton-645528_960_720As technology continues to improve, we are constantly seeing things become outdated and replaced with newer and more advanced versions. This can be seen in cars, phones, computers and many more devices. And in the world of medical training, this is also the case. Certain devices used long ago have been replaced with newer, better and more effective devices. The stethoscope of today is much more sensitive than the one of yesteryear.

But despite all of the advances that technology has brought, and still has yet to bring, one piece of medical equipment will not be going away. And that is the medical manikin.

A medical manikin is a lifelike representation of the human body, or just a portion of it (like a head or chest manikin). It can be simple, or complex in that is has realistic internals and systems. These manikins are used in the training of doctors. They were developed as an alternative to having to use a cadaver in medical school as fresh bodies were not always available. There is no amount of reading and photographs that can give a medical student as much reality on what the actual parts of the human body look like, and a manikin does a good job of providing that experience.

Now, these manikins have evolved and become much better. They are now made from more lifelike materials so they resemble the parts in texture as well. They also can simulate whole procedures, like in the case of a childbirth manikin.

These valuable tools will likely be with us, helping to train better doctors for many generations to come. And while they will likely continue to improve and be even more true to life, the use of manikins will always be a staple of medical training.