Tips For Staying Healthy In A Hurry

tape-403590_960_720In today’s world, it can be hard to find time for anything else outside of work and familial obligations. So many things that we’d like to do often take a backseat to the bare necessities. Things like leisure time, vacation, home projects and sadly, health.

Personal health can take some time to do correctly. Things like planning and maintaining a good diet, getting enough time to exercise, etc. all require some attention and free moments. But with things as hectic as they can be, we often skip the gym, and go for fast food takeout instead. And never mind routine doctor visits!

But all of these things can still be done with the small amounts of time that we have, if you do them smartly.

Let’s take exercise as the first point. You don’t need to go to the gym to get at least minimal exercise. You can get up just 10 minutes earlier and take a short, brisk walk around your block in the morning. You can also install a pull-up bar in a frequented doorway in your home and do one or two every time you pass through. You can give 5 minutes to some push-ups and sit-ups before bed. It may not be much, but it is definitely better than nothing.

For eating healthy, you can try preparing meals for the whole week at once. Take an hour out of your Sunday to prepare food for your lunches while you are at work and skip the greasy burgers and fries. Breakfast can be as simple as an egg and toast (which takes no time at all). You can even hard-boil the eggs at the start of the week so they are always ready to eat. Following a nutrition guide, like this one here, is also a good idea.

Doctor visits can also be worked out. If you have a few sick days per month at your job, use one to get a checkup every now and then. You can be upfront about it to your boss (provided you typically don’t take a lot of sick days already). In fact, if you pitch it towards keeping you from having to take more sick days, it may even be encouraged.