The Usefulness Of Training Manikins

acupuncture-50082_960_720In medical training, there is no such thing as too much practice. When any medical professional is going to perform any procedure on a patient, no matter how simple or complex, you want them to have as much experience under their belt as possible. This is why doctors will intern for some time before striking it out on their own. But even while interning, they are already practicing on live patients. What sort of practice do they get before this stage?

Well, this is where medical manikins come into play. A medical manikin is a training aide that looks like a real human (or at least the applicable part of one). It is essentially a dummy with parts that look and sometimes react like the real body. They are used to practice procedures, operations, the handling of patients, and also to help med students accustom themselves to handling a body.

These manikins come in all types. For example, there are dental manikins used for practicing dental x-rays as well as extractions. There are chest manikins useful for checking breathing and performing respiratory procedures. Birthing manikins are self-explanatory as they assist in the training in delivery. Head manikins can be used to help doctors-in-training practice the use of tools like their otoscope and opthalmoscope kit. For whatever the procedure, there is usually a manikin for its practice.

This type of more realistic and hands-on training allows for much more “experience” to be earned while still in medical school. While there is still value in photos, diagrams, and seeing videoed or live operations, they are still no substitute for getting one’s hands dirty, and giving the technique a try. And as there isn’t always a real patient available to practice on, these manikins really do the trick.

As the future rolls in, we can expect to see even more advanced medical training aids come into development and use.