The Usefulness Of A CPR Manikin

cpr_manikinIn the event of a medical emergency, there is no such thing as too much preparedness. And I think that every medical professional will agree, no matter what their training background, that CPR is a life-saving procedure that could never be practiced enough.

CPR is the action of breathing for another, as well as artificially stimulating circulation with chest compressions. When a person’s heart stops, this procedure can buy them time until they can be brought to a hospital and put on life support. So the importance of this technique cannot be understated.

This is why it pays off to get properly trained in CPR. While one could simply watch a video and mentally practice the routine (which IS better than nothing else), there is no substitute for professional training. You’ll have an expert there to explain the basics, the pitfalls, and what things you need to know and watch out for. There is also another benefit to more professional CPR training, and that is that you will get to practice on a CPR manikin.

CPR manikins are essentially dummy representations of the human body, that were designed for use in CPR training. They can be breathed into, show lungs filling with air, and can be compressed with a comparable pressure to what you would want to use on a real person. Not knowing how much breath to use, or how strongly to compress can actually injure the victim further, so this hands-on practice is essential. This is even more true for practicing CPR on children as it is even easier to accidentally harm a child through the improper use of this procedure.

So the moral is to get yourself trained in CPR by a licensed professional. There are usually places in every major city that offer this training for a very low cost (if not free altogether).