The Disappearance of the Home Doctor Visit

stethoscope-840125_960_720Things are different nowadays. With population increases and infrastructure changes, we have to handle things differently as a society as we did in yesteryear. One of the things that has changed are the services you would get at home. Fresh milk is no longer delivered, the daily newspaper delivery is all but extinct, and perhaps one of the most significant, the home doctor visit has vanished.

There are plenty of good reasons for this. After all, when you cut out the doctor’s driving time, he is able to see more patients in a single day. By being established in an office or clinic, he has access to all of his supplies (cutting down on the need for return visits) and also a full staff. His assistants can do some of the simpler tasks allowing him to service even more people. All of these things sound good, but there are a few things that we lost when we lost the home visit.

For patients who are unable to easily move, the need for special transportation was created. Children will always feel more comfortable at home than in a sterile office. There is less risk of getting sick from other patients. And there is something comforting about seeing the doctor walk in with his medical bag in hand, in your home.

There actually are still services that provide in-home doctor visits in various cities, however, they can be prohibitively expensive, and you’re not necessarily going to get the same doctor every time. That means that you will always have a slightly different opinion and getting proper, dedicated care will be difficult. While it can be useful for certain situations and circumstances, it’s no replacement for the good old fashioned home visit.

With the progress and expansion of the future, we will surely miss out on some of the things that are only possible during a simpler time.