Spirituality in Medicine

ank-1215054_960_720One look at our current medical system (mainstream that is) and you’ll see a world dominated by science. Medical technology is used with a certain mathematical precision that is only found in engineering. From exact measurements, procedures and diagnoses, this is a very exacting field filled with pure calculation and lifelike accuracy (just look at these: https://wwemsequip.com/head-neck-anatomical-models-c2858)

So it would be hard to believe that it all evolved from a very spiritual school of thought. But that is actually the truth. If you look at early medicine, you’ll see that medicine and spirituality were at one time, inseparable.

Take a look at a primitive tribe. The “doctor” is actually a shaman, someone who is believed to be able to channel the spirits or at least their powers into healing the sick. For a long time, this was the extent of medical skill. Eventually, it would encompass using certain plants and herbs (which did have some value and was the basis for modern drugs) and slowly but surely, real workable technology evolved out of that.

But even today, there is still a spiritual side to medicine in the minds of many people. People still say prayers for their sick and injured loved ones. Whether this has any actual benefit physically speaking is not the subject of discussion, but it is interesting to see that a large amount of the population still mix the two (religion and healing).

Some will even go so far as to have religious beliefs affect their decisions in terms of health care. Many people don’t believe in vaccinations or other treatments from a purely religious standpoint. So while we may have come quite far in terms of the medical ability we now posses as a society, it’s funny to note how this can sometimes be mired down by spirituality.