Dental Manikins Make For More Experienced Dentists And Technicians

dentures-1514697_960_720In the world of medical training, we know that the more tools you have with which to teach students, the better chance they have to become truly competent doctors. That’s why there are all sorts of training aids available. Photos, illustrations, video, multimedia, interactive programs, and medical manikins are all part of the arsenal of training medical professionals. But of all of those, manikins are probably the most important because they fully can represent the human body, in the real world.

That is why these manikins also exist for dentists as well. Usually, these dental manikins will only consist of a head complete with a full set of teeth which can be removed for practice. This helps dental students learn to identify all of the different teeth, and also practice positioning themselves and the patient for tooth extractions. The benefits of using this type of medical tool are numerous.

By giving students 3d representations of patient bodies (or parts thereof), you can create doctors who already have had some form of hands on experience before they ever set  finger on an actual living person. That means they will already have some experience and things will go better for the patient.

As medical technology continues to evolve manikins will get more and more advanced. They will include more elements to make the more lifelike, they will be able to react to the things that the student doctor or dentist does. And they will allow for a wider variety of practice procedures meaning more training will be available.

These tools really do represent the future of medical education. As we gather more and more knowledge and theory of medicine, we will need to supply more practical assignments and practice, and that is exactly what medical manikins provide.