Dealing With Trauma When It Happens

ambulance-1580712_960_720Accidents and injuries can happen at any time, and very often, unexpectedly so. When they do, it is important that people are ready to deal with whatever comes up, and that includes trauma.

Trauma is basically any physical injury, but the term is usually reserved for serious injuries that pose a threat to life. They can be disturbing to see but still need to be confronted in order to help the victim.

The first thing that needs to be done is that the victim must be gotten out of harm’s way. This means in the case of a car accident, gotten out of the way of more traffic. In the case of a workplace injury, the machine or equipment that caused the injury must be removed.

The next thing is to stop any bleeding. This is essential as the life is literally running out of the patient. This is where tourniquets and compresses come into play. One should know how to properly use these.

Of course, if the patient is not breathing, CPR would be administered now. If one has a trauma bag available, they may also opt for using an AED to help jump-start the heart.

The obvious next thing is to get the person to a hospital where they can receive further care. While this is the end goal for anyone dealing with a victim of trauma, realize that the first actions can determine if the person will make it to the hospital in the first place (depending on the severity of the injuries).

Being ready and prepared to handle emergency situations is what can literally make the difference between life and death.