Another Word About CPR

paramedics-doll-1142270_960_720In any field, it’s important to understand that the common ideas that many people hold about something may be quite far from the actual truth. Let’s take shooting as an example. All too many times we’ve seen action movies wherein the hero runs through a battlefield, picking off enemies left and right while running and dodging fire. In reality, no one’s aim is that good, and running through an open area is a fast way to get filled up with lead. So there is an obvious disconnect from what people have seen and expect, and what is reality. The same can be said about CPR.

In most movies and programs, when the victim has CPR given them, it only takes a moment or two before they regain consciousness and awareness. I wish that were the case, but real life doesn’t work like that. Mind you, there is a chance that a person could regain consciousness, in most circumstances, CPR is used to keep a person alive until real help and treatment can be given to a person. Sometimes the person will begin breathing on their own, but rarely do you get a full return of consciousness.

This false idea may prompt some people attempting to help to stop CPR too soon. After all, it’s been 5 minutes but the person didn’t wake up yet, and in the movies it happens in a minute or two. On the contrary, all the times CPR didn’t work in the movies, it was stopped too soon

This is why proper CPR training is needed. Get yourself in a class with a certified instructor, practice on a CPR manikin, and get the truth about this life-saving procedure. Sure, it’s not as miraculous as in the movies, but it still can keep a person alive.