A Talk About Training Of Any Type

glasses-272399_960_720Now, the focus of this website is typically about medical technology and training. But I briefly wanted to go over something that I feel is applicable to any and every field, and that is the subject of learning and practice. I think that anyone would agree that training, no matter what for, is important and one’s success in any field would depend on the quality of their said training.

In medicine, it is very obvious that one’s training was good or bad. After all, you will soon see doctors practicing in the field, and it will be plain to see if they are getting good results or not. In surgery, the patient either makes a good recovery, or he doesn’t. So the results of training show up rather easily.

Another field like this is one of engineering. Either you can build a bridge that holds up, or you can’t. So training is something that has become rather advanced in this field as well.

So my observation has been that they key to good training is that you give the student not only the theory of what they are studying, but also some practice. Reading a book alone is not enough. Would you let a doctor operate on you who had never practiced, but only read about the procedure in books? Get the idea?

This element of practice in missing in certain professions. Let’s take mental health as an example. Students read about the theories of their predecessors, but there is no practice

involved. This is why results are so few in the field of mental healing. There is no practical part to the training. And the “results” are nebulous.

Same goes in the field of business. Sometimes, a person can go along in life, not really contributing to the successful running of a business, but as there is no concrete way (yet) of measuring one’s actions to expansion or reduction of the company, it goes unnoticed.

My point is that other fields of training should look to the sciences (like medicine where there are loads of training techniques and aides like: https://wwemsequip.com/chester-chest-c5457) and take a few cues about how good training ought to be. This will help to produce better professionals in all fields.